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THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, May 24, 2017......... Pointing to concerns about preserving small-business jobs, Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday vetoed a heavily debated and lobbied measure that supporters said would repeal a relic of the nation's emergence from Prohibition....

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Letters and feedback: May 11, 2017

Message to Gov. Rick Scott Since Day 1, Gov. Rick Scott has strived to make Florida the No. 1 state in the nation to do business. He has been a strong advocate of growing businesses and jobs. As a small business owner, I applaud our governor. But now we need him more...

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Letter: Gov. Scott should veto bill

As a small business owner, I encourage Gov. Scott to veto SB 106. This bill will not only allow big box stores to push our small, local liquor stores out of shopping centers due to no-compete clauses, but it will cause the loss of many jobs all over the state. Read...

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